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Pompey 0-4 Saints - Reaction

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thought we were terrible (again) until we scored

overall, quality came through and we took the pish at times in t he 2nd half.

Ings very good, redmond good when he came on


however, Adams was blooming awful. He looked gutted at the end of the game!



BUT.....get, THE FUK IN!!!!!!!!!!!!

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They came out fast as you'd expect, but superior premier league fitness and ability showed through. For long periods of the second half we were happy to just slow it down.


And we must NEVER shut up about this result regardless that they will say they were unlucky and how it's all not fair because we are in the prem so have a super-expensive squad. They beat us 4-1 in 2010 in similar circumstances and we absolutely battered them first half, and then their expensively assembled team bankrupted them.

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Had to ride expected tricky start, excellent covering by bedbarek to stop a certain goal on the line.

Ings then some fantastic finishing took the game from them. Must start especially given how badly Adams is struggling.

Liked the balanced defense, yoshi one misplaced pass apart was so good. In the right place so many times that their filth had to resort to a criminally late elbow. Having a left back, yeah and he’s very good too.

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Particularly happy as I have been listening to talk sport all day and they clearly were hoping for an upset. Thought JWP did really well in the first half when we were struggling, he did try to drive forward on a couple of occasions to get us up the field. Dealt with the crowd really well, didn't get to intimidated after we weathered the first 15. Absolutely buzzing now, mind the gap, skates.


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Get in there! 4-0, easy as you like. Wasn't worried at all after the first 20 minutes. :rolleyes:


Better still, we didn't have some of our better attackers on the field with Boufal not needed, Djenepo injured and Redmond getting a 20 minute cameo (and goal).


Yoshida our best defender, Ings our best forward. Odds on both getting dropped at the weekend? But, who cares? Lets celebrate this result at that dump until we meet again.


It's funny how much their fans still believed they were better a better team than us because we get beat on the regular in the Premier League. There are still levels, and they are a lot closer to League Two than the Championship.

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